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Rewards point

For any shopping at you may get a reward in the form of a points voucher / coupon, to use in the next shopping experience. The number of reward point relates to total value amount per transaction / order. For the same item and same list you may get a different number of points on your next shopping experience. You may get a higher or lower number of points from your previous shopping experience as it varies from time to time during each day, each week, each month and each year, and the time taken to complete each purchase and payment.

The customer might be shopping at a low point in the season. It depends on what you are buying, the category, price, item on promotion price, item on sale, newly arrived item, item on clearance sale and regular item. You cannot check the number of points before shopping. The reward points are issued after payment is completed on our system, and are available for you to use for the next experience shopping. Some of those items may not match your reward points/ voucher and coupon, especially items on sale or promotion. You may get to use those points following discussions with us.

Reward point vouchers and coupons issued are for the use only of returning customers and can be used one time only per voucher/ coupon and cannot be transferred or diverted to the next shopping experience, or to the next customer. Nor can you split the voucher/ coupon to the next shopping experience or to the next customer. The reward point voucher and coupon can be used regularly and under the terms and conditions, but cannot be reused, combined with another voucher or reissued in the case of your losing it.

All above are subject to issue and control under the terms and conditions applying and detailed on the website. The voucher / coupon may change without prior notice or be cancelled at anytime. If needed, and if you wish to discuss in more detail than supported on our website, feel free to contact the Team. Our team always keeps the best offer for the customer. Keep your reward discount voucher / coupon with you and enjoy your shopping with us now and again at