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Orders cannot be modified if processing of your order has commenced. If you wish to modify your order, ensure that processing of your order has not yet commenced. If processing of your order has commenced, your request will fail and a full charge of the total price discussed / displayed will be non-refundable.

If you are considering cancelling your orders, we would inform you that you are not permitted to cancel the orders, even though the orders are not yet in process. The payment is non-refundable. Alternatively, you may request a special offer or condition from / business partner.

In some cases and for some reasons, you might get a flexible arrangement to be allowed to modify or cancel the orders or get a special offer as a result of discussions between you and and by arrangements with a supplier or our business partner in extraordinary cases.

Some form of modification fee or cancellation fee may apply, or you may be excused all fees to modify or to cancel the order subject to arrangements between, and its business partner.

Please note, your orders will be cancelled at anytime if payment is not completed by the date it is due to be paid. The orders cannot be reinstated after cancellation. Please process the payment identified with our reference from the payment slip. We are not honor any requests to recoup or for damages.