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Before requesting a refund, please do the following 4 steps 1. Return the item for which you are expecting a refund. (In the case of a return) 2.The customer must always keep the product being returned in original condition.(In the case of a return) 3. Take a photo and send us a photo before sending an item in case your item is damaged, amiss or the wrong item. (In the case of a return) 4. Customers must process the return within 48 hours after a discussion with Antogio or receiving an order and the item must not be used. Any return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Refund processing where an item has been returned (In the case of a return) will be via the same, method as the original purchase payment within 14 days after a request to refund is received ((In the case of no return item). Refunds will be within 7 days for Thai domestic bank transfers. Refunds via western union / Credit card/ cheque might delayed due to bank processing beyond the control of